As of April 22, the Governor and TDLR (our governing body) have said I am able to open to treat clients who are deemed medically necessary. This means you are required to have a prescription for massage therapy from your medical provider or chiropractor.

After careful consideration, I will begin seeing clients May 4th under this current guideline. If you feel that massage is medically necessary for you, I am able to treat you. You can either bring a prescription (from your medical provider or chiropractor) with you, text a photo of the prescription or email a copy to me. 

I have put together a number of precautionary measures for the health and safety of us all. 

1. In order to properly screen clients, I will not allow online booking at this time. Clients will be able to submit an appointment request using my websitecall, text or email me. 

2. I will need to receive a copy of your prescription and responses to a COVID19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire prior to your appointment. 

3. I will be wearing a mask at all times. You are not required to wear a mask, but I ask that you please try to maintain a safe distance before and after session. 

4. I will continue to completely sanitize the room between clients. 

5. I will offer contactless payment options. Venmo, Applepay, PayPal, Cash App, Square, Invoice or prepaid gift card option.

6. I ask that you follow social distancing recommendations if there happens to be another client in the waiting area. 

7. To start, I will have reduced days and hours available by appointment only. 

I am so grateful for your support during these uncertain times and can’t wait to be able to see ALL our clients again soon when the time is right.  

Carey Gage
Owner | Therapist
(512) 983-9943